3 Studies, 3 Strikes for the October Lull

October 18, 2016 By: NDA Staff

Do whitetails really go into a movement slump in the pre-rut? If not, what’s behind the “October Lull” phenomenon that many hunters say they witness? NDA’s Kip Adams tackled these questions in a recent article in Quality Whitetails magazine. He reviewed four studies involving GPS tracking collars placed on bucks, and all four had similar findings: average daily movement rates for bucks increased steadily throughout the pre-rut into the rut peak. No “lull” or slump in movements was seen in any of these studies, each of which was based on GPS tracking data for numerous adult bucks.

Below is an infographic capturing that information visually for three of the studies Kip reviewed. Unfortunately for “October Lull” believers, the October Lull struck out! However, Kip offered alternative explanations for why hunters might see fewer deer in the pre-rut and what they can do about it.