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Re-forged on November 10, 2020, from the combined strengths of two deer organizations with 38 years of action, the National Deer Association is united for deer with a new vision to make an impact for conservation immediately and for future generations.

A new, ambitious strategic plan calls for a concentration of effort in four critical areas.

Education and Outreach

The National Deer Association will carry forward the reputation for reliable information for hunters, empowering them to be more informed, successful and engaged stewards of deer and wildlife. Teaching the non-hunting public about the keystone position of deer in the success of all wildlife conservation will be a new goal. Familiar programs, titles and multi-media channels will be strengthened and broadened through key partnerships in the hunting industry.

Recruitment, Retention, Reactivation

The highly successful and tested Field to Fork adult hunter recruitment program will be the cornerstone of the National Deer Association’s R3 effort aimed at growing hunter numbers, instilling a desire among experienced hunters to serve as mentors, and increasing acceptance of hunting among the general public.

Policy and Advocacy

Protecting deer and hunting requires skill in the rooms where wildlife policy and legislation are formed. Though both parent organizations spent considerable time in this arena, Pinizzotto in particular brings experience on Capitol Hill to the team. Uniting hunters behind wise deer policy is a primary goal.

Deer Diseases

A number of diseases, most notably the always-fatal chronic wasting disease (CWD), present serious threats to the future of all deer species and deer hunting traditions. The National Deer Association will build a coalition of hunters, wildlife agencies and scientific experts to answer these threats.

The National Deer Association combines the strengths, resources and core initiatives of two organizations into a single, modernized outfit able to serve deer, hunters and the industry more effectively at a time when the need is greatest. The new group has the resources and vision to ensure the future of wild deer, wildlife habitat and hunting for the next generation.

Your membership and support enables our work. Our 4-star rating from Charity Navigator is proof we will spend your dollars wisely to achieve our mission.

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