Quality Whitetails

By joining the National Deer Association, you’ll receive Quality Whitetails, the only deer hunting magazine that focuses on Quality Deer Management techniques, including food plots, habitat improvement, herd management, herd data collection, and other methods for improving the quality of your hunting. QDM leads to more adult bucks in the woods where you hunt, so Quality Whitetails also provides guidance on how to effectively hunt these older, wiser deer.

While DeerAssociation.com covers these same topics, Quality Whitetails goes into greater depth and detail on each subject. Award-winning wildlife photographers lend their whitetail imagery to articles written by the nation’s top experts in deer biology and habitat management – in a language that average deer hunters can understand and apply to their real-world hunting situations.

Popular departments like “Age This!” and “Food Plots” help keep your skills as a deer manager sharpened, and favorites like “Firepot Stories” provide the wit, wisdom and thought-provoking conversations like those you enjoy around your own campfire. Meanwhile, in-depth feature articles in every issue dig into the details of specific topics, going beyond the “101” level provided by most hunting magazines.

Many National Deer Association members say Quality Whitetails alone is worth the price of your NDA membership, but membership certainly brings other benefits, and you’ll know your money supports our efforts to secure the future of white-tailed deer, wildlife habitat and our hunting heritage. Support our mission and start receiving Quality Whitetails magazine: Join the National Deer Association today!

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