NDA Staff


Kip Adams

Chief Conservation Officer

April Robertson

Chief Financial Officer

Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Chief Communications Officer

Lauren Varner

Chief Development Officer


Brian Grossman

Director of Communications

Laura Colquitt

Graphic Design Manager

Cindy Compton

Advertising & Design Coordinator


Hank Forester

Director of Hunting

Matt Ross

Director of Conservation

Karlin Gill

Deer Outreach Specialist

Elizabeth Kligge

Pennsylvania Field to Fork Coordinator

Cheyne Matzenbacher

Deer Outreach Specialist

Ben Westfall

Conservation Coordinator


Kristen Schnepp-Giger

Director of Grassroots Support

Heidi Kelly

Development Services Coordinator

Policy & Advocacy

Torin Miller

Senior Director of Policy


Ker Vang

Senior Accountant

Connie Popov

Customer Support Specialist

Amy Rising

Customer Service Representative