Action Alert: Oppose Maryland Senate Bill 983 to Protect Hunting Traditions

March 13, 2024 By: Catherine Appling-Pooler

We are currently confronted with a significant challenge to our hunting practices due to the introduction of Maryland Senate Bill 983 (SB 983). This bill seeks to gradually discontinue the use of lead and lead-based ammunition. As advocates for responsible hunting and environmental stewardship, it is essential for us to address this bill and safeguard our rights as hunters. Therefore, we oppose SB 983 as written in the current form.

While we recognize the importance of addressing environmental concerns related to lead contamination, outright bans on lead ammunition are not the solution. Instead, we believe outreach and education initiatives are more effective in achieving our shared goals of reducing lead contamination while preserving our hunting traditions.

Many other states have successfully implemented programs focused on educating hunters about the risks of lead ammunition and providing alternatives without resorting to bans. We urge Maryland legislators to follow suit and prioritize education and collaboration with hunters to address lead contamination concerns.

As concerned citizens and stewards of Maryland’s natural resources, we must make our voices heard. We urge you to take action by sending a letter to your legislator expressing your opposition to SB 983 and advocating for alternative measures that prioritize education and collaboration with hunters. Together, let’s ensure a future where responsible hunting and environmental conservation go hand in hand.

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