Urgent Action Needed: Oppose Senate Bill 3 to Protect Kentucky’s Wildlife

March 19, 2024 By: Catherine Appling-Pooler

Kentucky’s natural beauty and wildlife are cherished assets that must be safeguarded for future generations to enjoy. However, Senate Bill 3 has passed the Senate with a vote of 20-16 and is now heading to the House of Representatives. It is imperative we act swiftly to protect our state’s fish and wildlife resources and preserve the institutional structure that has been in place for over a century.

Senate Bill 3 proposes to administratively attach the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) to the Department of Agriculture, while also granting the Commissioner of Agriculture the authority to appoint all members of the KDFWR Commission. This move threatens to undermine the expertise and independence necessary for effective wildlife management.

As concerned citizens, hunters, and conservationists, we must stand together to oppose Senate Bill 3. The KDFWR and its Commission should be led by professionals and experts in the field of wildlife conservation, rather than being subject to political influence.

It is essential to recognize the management of Kentucky’s wildlife resources is predominantly funded by sportsmen and women through their purchase of hunting and fishing licenses, as well as excise taxes on firearms, ammunition, and fishing equipment. Therefore, it is only fair that those who contribute to the conservation efforts have a voice in how these resources are managed.

We urge you to take action by contacting your House representative and expressing your opposition to Senate Bill 3. Together, let’s ensure our state’s natural resources remain protected and managed effectively for the benefit of Kentucky deer management and all Kentucky deer hunters, now and in the future.

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