Action Alert: Protect Your Right to Hunt, Fish, and Trap in Delaware

May 20, 2024 By: Catherine Appling-Pooler

Attention all outdoor enthusiasts, conservationists, and supporters of wildlife preservation: the right to hunt, fish, and trap is critical to the outdoor heritage of the First State, and we need your help to protect it. Senate Bill 303 should safeguard these cherished activities, ensuring they remain a vital part of our culture.

Why Senate Bill 303 Matters

Senate Bill 303 is designed to protect and ensure the right to hunt, fish, and trap within Delaware’s state laws. This bill is not just about preserving a pastime; it aligns with the National Deer Association’s (NDA) mission to secure the future of wild deer, wildlife habitat, and hunting. By supporting this bill, you are taking a stand for conservation, responsible wildlife management, and the preservation of our natural heritage.

Join the Movement

Twenty-one other states have already recognized the importance of such legislation and have successfully passed similar laws to protect these rights for their citizens. Now, it’s Delaware’s turn to ensure that these essential activities are protected.

Your voice is powerful. By reaching out to your state legislators, you can make a significant impact. Now is the time to act. Senate Bill 303 is vital for the protection of hunting, fishing, and trapping rights. Your involvement can make a difference in securing these traditions for generations to come. Take action and contact your state legislators today and urge them to support Senate Bill 303.

Together, we can ensure that the right to hunt, fish, and trap remains a protected and cherished part of our lives and our heritage. Thank you for your support and dedication to conservation and outdoor traditions.

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