Action Alert: Support Expanded Gun Hunting Opportunities in Wisconsin

November 21, 2023 By: Torin Miller

Wisconsin Assembly Bill 633 (AB 633) and Senate companion bill 586 (SB 586) would make it legal for Wisconsin hunters to pursue big game with an airgun in a season that is open to hunting that animal with a firearm. The National Deer Association (NDA) supports the use of big-bore air rifles, as defined by .30 caliber or larger utilizing a pre-charged pneumatic power source, for hunting big game.


Please consider joining the NDA in supporting these Wisconsin bills. AB 633 and SB 586 would permit the use of airguns in existing Wisconsin firearms seasons and expand their use to include big game. CLICK HERE to ask your lawmakers to vote AYE on AB 633 and SB 586.


The NDA is dedicated to ensuring the future of deer, wildlife habitat and hunting. We prefer leaving weapon-choice decisions in the hands of state wildlife agencies. However, these decisions must sometimes be made by state legislatures, such as in the use of airguns in Wisconsin. Importantly, these bills provide the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) with the authority to promulgate rules limiting the types of airguns that may be used to hunt specific species during particular hunting seasons. This provides guidance that the DNR should allow the use of airguns and airgun ammunition that are similar to currently permitted firearms and firearm ammunition with regards to effectiveness for hunting.

When used with common sense and in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, airguns are more than capable of making ethical, humane kills, and the use of airguns during firearm big game seasons is currently allowed in over half of the states. Airguns have less recoil and lower noise output than regular firearms. Therefore, NDA supports the inclusion of big-bore air rifles as a legal method of take for deer within the appropriate seasons.

About Torin Miller:

Torin Miller is a licensed attorney and NDA’s Senior Director of Policy. He works at the intersection of conservation and natural resources law, policy, advocacy and education. He has bachelor's and master's degrees in wildlife and fisheries science from Penn State University and a J.D. from Penn State Law. Torin came to NDA via the National Deer Alliance, where he served as the Policy and Outreach Coordinator.