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Protecting deer and hunting requires skill in the rooms where wildlife policy and legislation are formed. Uniting hunters behind wise deer policy is a primary goal, and the NDA has quickly positioned itself as a national leader on wildlife and conservation issues nationwide. You can count on us to be Here for Deer, no matter where ‘Here’ is.

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Action Alert: Protect Your Right to Hunt, Fish, and Trap in Delaware

May 20, 2024 Catherine Appling-Pooler

Attention all outdoor enthusiasts, conservationists, and supporters of wildlife preservation: the right to hunt, fish, and trap is critical to the outdoor heritage of the First State, and we need your help to protect it….

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Action Alert: Contact Governor Stitt to Veto HB 3462

Apr 30, 2024 Catherine Appling-Pooler

We are facing a critical threat to Oklahoma’s wild deer population with the introduction of House Bill 3462 (HB 3462). This bill proposes a pilot program aimed at enhancing the genetic durability of Oklahoma deer…

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Protecting Vermont’s Wildlife: Oppose Senate Bill 258

Mar 29, 2024 Catherine Appling-Pooler

Vermont’s Senate Bill 258 has sparked considerable controversy and concern among conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts across the state. This bill, which seeks to restructure the Commission for the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, threatens to…

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Action Alert: Urgent Call to Action for Wisconsin Deer Hunters

Mar 28, 2024 Catherine Appling-Pooler

We are facing a critical threat to our deer herds with the introduction of Senate Bill 30 (SB 30), and it’s crucial that we take action to protect the health of our deer population and…

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Action Alert: Protect Kansas’ Wildlife by Opposing SB 347

Mar 25, 2024 NDA Staff

Kansas is facing a critical threat to its natural resources and wildlife with the introduction of Senate Bill 347. This bill, proposed and advocated by hunting lodges, guides, and large landowners catering to non-resident hunters,…

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Urgent Action Needed: Oppose Senate Bill 3 to Protect Kentucky’s Wildlife

Mar 19, 2024 Catherine Appling-Pooler

Kentucky’s natural beauty and wildlife are cherished assets that must be safeguarded for future generations to enjoy. However, Senate Bill 3 has passed the Senate with a vote of 20-16 and is now heading to…

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Advocacy Resources

National Deer Association (NDA) position statements cover a varitey of deer related issues from Antler Restrictions, Carcass Transport and Disposal, Food Plots, Quality Deer Management, Sunday Hunting and more.

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