American Outdoor Brands Wins NDA’s Hunting Heritage Award

January 24, 2024 By: NDA Staff

The National Deer Association’s 2023 Hunting Heritage Award recipient is American Outdoor Brands Inc. (AOB) of Columbia, Missouri. AOB and it’s 21 brands include many everyone will recognize: BOG, Hooyman, Uncle Henry, Caldwell, Tipton, Grilla Grills, MEAT! and more. Everyone who knows these brands sees that AOB positions themselves to champion a holistic outdoor lifestyle.

“It’s our privilege to present this award to a company that so diligently promotes a full-circle image of hunting while also taking the time to practice what they preach including mentoring their own aspiring staff afield,” said Hank Forester, NDA’s Director of Hunting.

Natalie Fries got her first deer ever on an American Outdoor Brands/NDA Field to Fork hunt in Missouri, with her mentor Zach Smith. If you’ve got enough venison in your freezer, mentoring a new hunter to help them get a doe for the freezer is a great way to maintain doe harvest.

AOB’s “Harvester” brand explains the ethos: “To the HARVESTER, it’s not a job. It’s not about killing or mounting a trophy. It’s a passion that lives within to create, to grow, to conserve and to ensure that the hunger to hunt and experience the most inaccessible terrain is passed down for future generations. Being a Harvester is not about taking, it’s about giving back.”

Not only does AOB use their brands to promote full-circle hunting, they’ve also put time, energy and support as a company to mentoring within. 2023 was the third year AOB has helped host aspiring hunters from their staff on a Field to Fork as part of our combined Mid-Missouri Field to Fork event. In the last three years, twelve AOB employees have gotten their first deer as part of the organized event, most often being mentored by their colleagues. Watch the video below to learn more.