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We Use Straight-Wall Cartridges at NDA’s Back40 Deer Hunts. Here’s Our Experience.

Jun 26, 2024 Hank Forester

My first deer hunt with a straight-wall cartridge was December 28, 2020. It was a cold day in Michigan, at least to my standards, and the Back40 property was mostly dormant with a light dusting…

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3 Reasons Deer Attack People

Jun 26, 2024 Matt Ross

No matter your age, race or upbringing, the cast of beastly characters that headline our nightmares typically involves sharp teeth, claws or an overall slimy, creepy-crawly “ick factor.” Cute and cuddly are never traits conjured…

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Know These 7 Natural Deer Forage Species When You See Them

Jun 19, 2024 Kyle Hedges

It’s no secret deer consume a long list of plants. In fact, there have been hundreds of articles, research papers and even books written on the subject. Much of the analysis of a deer’s appetite…

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Meet the Mule Deer, Western Cousin of the Whitetail

Jun 18, 2024 Ben Westfall

The white-tailed deer is often referred to as “North America’s favorite game animal,” and while that may be true, there are multiple whitetail subspecies and other deer species in North America that we enjoy pursuing,…

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Winter Rye Food Plots Can Be a Lifesaver for Northern Deer

Jun 12, 2024 Ryan Rothstein

“Here comes another one,” my dad whispered. “That’s got to be over a dozen already, they’re coming out like ants!”  We were tucked in a box blind overlooking a food plot, hoping that a gobbler…

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Deer Antlers Come in Many Colors. This Hunter Wanted to Know Why.

Jun 5, 2024 Dr. Tim Lewis

Hunters have long been intrigued by variation in the color of deer antlers. Archibald Rutledge’s writings immortalized the dark racks of South Carolina’s lowland swamp bucks as unique and special. Others have admired the glistening…

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Meet Deer Hunters of R3 Who Were Recruited, Retained and Reactivated

Jun 5, 2024 Cole Gander

It’s no secret that participation in hunting has been on the decline since the early 1980s. Because hunters carry wildlife conservation on their shoulders, efforts to grow hunter numbers – known as Recruit, Retain, and…

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How I Went From Vegetarian to Deer Hunter

May 29, 2024 Elizabeth Kligge

I wasn’t raised vegetarian. In fact, I loved meat so much as a child that my Dad nicknamed me “The Meat Eater.” Vegetarianism was something I adopted in high school, with complete disregard for the…

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