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Bucks Shedding Velvet Early

Aug 30, 2012 Kip Adams

Like so much that happens in the cycle of the whitetail’s year, the timing of bucks shedding their antler velvet is closely tied to photoperiod (the number of hours of daylight in a day). Decreasing…

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5 Reasons to Take Does Early

Aug 15, 2012 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

When the density of deer where you hunt exceeds the ability of the habitat to support those deer in healthy condition, it’s time to take an appropriate number of does to bring balance (and balance…

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Which Bucks Can I Shoot?

Jul 23, 2012 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Imagine an old friend joins you for a weekend hunt on your QDM lands. The night before the hunt commences, your friend asks an important question: “Which bucks can I shoot?” For you, this is…

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Kip’s Korner: Start a QDM Cooperative

Jul 17, 2012 Kip Adams

Quality deer management (QDM) is about balancing the deer herd with the habitat, balancing the adult sex ratio, and balancing the age structure for bucks and does. Sometimes, this is easier said than done, especially…

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Know the Signs of HD: Hemorrhagic Disease

Jul 2, 2012 Kip Adams

During the summer of 2011, regional outbreaks of hemorrhagic disease (HD) in white-tailed deer stole the headlines throughout portions of the Unites States. This – occurring just four years after the HD epidemic in 2007,…

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Sanctuaries: Attract, Protect, Hold, Hunt

Jun 22, 2012 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

As the Quality Deer Management philosophy becomes further anchored as the dominant mindset among whitetail hunters, achieving greater numbers of mature bucks is not the hurdle it once was. Instead, there’s another hurdle: Killing them….

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Why We Can’t Manage Deer Genetics

May 30, 2012 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

The power of selectively controlled breeding is incredible. With it, we transformed a wolf into a chihuahua over the course of 15,000 years – mere milliseconds in the echoing depths of geologic time. We transformed…

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Will Dominant Bucks Dominate the Breeding?

May 17, 2012 Kip Adams

“Do a handful of bucks sire the majority of the fawns?” This question is often followed with a series of questions, such as: “If the dominant buck in my area has narrow antlers, will I…

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