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Whether you're planting your first food plot, working on forest stand improvement, or preparing for a prescribed burn, the NDA has the information you need to help you be successful. We rely on the latest research and experts in their field to bring you the most reliable, up-to-date information on managing your land for the benefit of white-tailed deer and other wildlife.

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Winter Rye Food Plots Can Be a Lifesaver for Northern Deer

Jun 12, 2024 Ryan Rothstein

“Here comes another one,” my dad whispered. “That’s got to be over a dozen already, they’re coming out like ants!”  We were tucked in a box blind overlooking a food plot, hoping that a gobbler…

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Your Deer Habitat Work Supports These Struggling Wildlife Species

May 28, 2024 Kip Adams

Deer are King in the wildlife world. More hunters spend more time and money to manage habitat and hunt whitetails than any other species on the planet. Approximately 10 million deer hunters hit the woods…

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The Block System of Deer Management at Virginia’s Fraley Family Farm

May 1, 2024 Bruce Ingram

On August 9-12, the next NDA Deer Steward 2 course will be held, this time at the Fraley family farm and at the Preserve at Crooked Run in Botetourt County, Virginia. The approximately 10,000-acre contiguous…

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How to Use Growing-Season Fire in Hardwoods for Better Deer Habitat

Apr 24, 2024 Craig Harper and Mark Turner

More land managers are using fire to manage habitat for deer and other wildlife today than at any time in the past century. And for good reason. There is no other tool that can improve…

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How to Feather Field Edges for Deer Attraction and Habitat Improvement

Mar 27, 2024 Cheyne Matzenbacher

This article is about feathering edges to improve deer habitat, not feathering hair. I remember the feathered hairstyle fad back in the 80s, but I don’t think feathered edges are a fad because this is…

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Book Review – Guidebook for Prescribed Burning in the Southern Region

Mar 26, 2024 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

To learn to use prescribed fire for deer habitat management, there’s no substitute for participation in a well-run burn. Reading about fire, taking an indoor training course, and even watching videos won’t fully prepare you…

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Fallow Food Plots Offer Hidden Benefits for Deer. Don’t Replant Until You Read This.

Mar 6, 2024 Mark Turner

Most deer hunters have relatively limited food plot acreage and wish to maximize deer forage production on every acre. For many, it would stand to reason that planting both warm- and cool-season forages on every…

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Prescribed Fire Near Power Lines Could Zap Your Wallet

Feb 16, 2024 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

When you’re writing a prescribed fire plan for your hunting land and considering all the sensitive nearby areas that should be protected from smoke and flame, don’t forget power lines. Mixing fire with electrical lines…

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