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30 Years of Deer Habitat Management, Part 2: Into Fields and Forests

Jan 8, 2024 Craig Harper

Deer hunters today are more knowledgeable about deer habitat management than ever before. We are driven by a desire to produce better deer and better hunting, and science gives us better information and improved strategies….

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30 Years of Deer Habitat Management, Part 1: It All Began With Food Plots

Jan 3, 2024 Craig Harper

Deer hunting has evolved in a big way in the last 30 years. Most of us don’t hunt in blue jeans or a red-and-black plaid wool coat anymore. We don’t fry bacon in our hunting…

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Wrecked Racks: Deer Photographer Tes Randle Jolly Recalls the Wildest Antlers

Dec 20, 2023 Tes Randle Jolly

NDA member Tes Randle Jolly of Alabama has been photographing whitetails professionally for many years. She’s seen many versions of the noble, “normal,” whitetail buck. She’s also seen the odd and unusual examples that result…

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This Spooky Old Doe was a Trophy Deer

Dec 17, 2023 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Even though I had the wind in my favor, she walked in asking to speak to the manager. Those ears were like radar dishes, the nose skeptical, the front leg lifted and ready to stomp….

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Plan Next Deer Season Before This One Is Gone

Dec 13, 2023 Mark Turner

Most whitetail hunters have less than a month of season left, and hunters in the Deep South still have great rut action coming up. I look forward to getting out several more times this year…

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Your Target Buck Got Tagged. Here’s Why You Should Keep Hunting.

Dec 6, 2023 Kip Adams

Maybe you watched him all summer. Maybe he showed up last year or this fall. Whenever he showed up, and wherever he came from, bucks that make your wish-list are special. This is especially true…

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Why Did This Deer Have Super Long Hooves?

Dec 5, 2023 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

What would cause a deer to grow really long hooves? Almost every fall, we hear from a hunter who saw or killed a deer with overgrown hooves, like those in the photo above sent to…

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5 Reasons to Get Your Deer Tested for CWD

Dec 4, 2023 Dr. Jenn Ballard

Should you test your deer if you hunt in a chronic wasting disease (CWD) management zone? Do you test it even if you don’t hunt in a CWD zone? Will your fellow club members be…

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