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Mixing Corn and Soybeans in Food Plots

Mar 28, 2012 Craig Harper

The species and rates of plants included in a seed blend is an important consideration when planting food plots. Certainly, you want to include species that are compatible with each other in terms of growth…

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Sex Among the Persimmons

Mar 28, 2012 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

If you think this is about people having sex in the woods, I’m sorry to disappoint. It’s about persimmon trees having sex in the woods. Far less interesting, I know, at least until hunting season…

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Don’t Get Burned by Fireblight

Mar 27, 2012 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

A southern crabapple planted at QDMA Headquarters in Georgia was one of those uncommon trees that blows past all of its sister seedlings planted the same year – rocketing upwards in height, spreading a beautiful…

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Create Living Thicket Cover by Hinge-Cutting

Mar 21, 2012 Jeff Jackson

Timber stand improvement (TSI) involves removing unwanted trees that are competing with desirable trees. What is the best thing to do with the unwanted trees? Cutting them off at the ground line is a standard…

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Tarsal Glands: What We Know

Mar 21, 2012 Kip Adams

The tarsal gland, arguably the most important gland in deer communication, is found on bucks and does. Each hair is associated with an enlarged sebaceous or “fat” gland that secretes an oily material that coats…

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Know Your Deer Plants: Partridge Pea

Mar 20, 2012 Matt Ross

A member of the pea family, partridge pea is best known as a producer of valuable cover and food for upland game birds, waterfowl, and various small mammals. However, it also happens to be found…

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To Kill Mature Bucks, Go Somewhere Else

Mar 16, 2012 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

  I had an interesting phone conversation with deer researcher Dr. Mark Conner while I was working on an article for Quality Whitetails. Mark, who works in Maryland, has led a number of recent groundbreaking studies…

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The Hunter’s Guide to Deer Vision

Mar 15, 2012 NDA Staff

It’s happened to every bowhunter—a deer spots you for no apparent reason while perfectly concealed.  Was it your scent, your noise, your movement, or perhaps what you were wearing? While all hunters agree that deer…

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