By: Alex Foster

Where, When and How to Find More Shed Antlers

Mar 6, 2019 Alex Foster

One of the more enjoyable late-winter activities for me is getting out with friends and family hiking in search of shed antlers. I wish I was fortunate enough to scour every square inch of the…

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How to Access Your Deer Stand Undetected

Oct 30, 2018 Alex Foster

“Location, location, location” might be your motto when it comes to placing deer stands, and location is certainly important to your deer hunting success. In fact, I think many deer hunters focus so much on…

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This Venison Backstrap Recipe is Too Good Not to Share

Jan 8, 2018 Alex Foster

A lot goes into preparing a wonderful meal, especially one that gives your taste buds that “wow” reaction. Isn’t it amazing that a single serving of “wow” can have 26 grams of protein but only…

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Boost Your Food Plots With a Simple Soil Test

Apr 12, 2017 Alex Foster

Preparing a quality food plot takes time, labor and money. If I am investing all of that, I want to ensure my food plot has the greatest chance of maximum production. Achieving this is as…

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