By: Brian Grossman

Brian Grossman joined the NDA staff in August, 2015 as its Communications Manager. Brian is responsible for amplifying NDA’s educational message for hunters through social media, e-mail, the NDA website, and Quality Whitetails magazine. He has been a freelance writer, photographer, videographer and web designer since 2003. A trained wildlife biologist, Brian founded the Poor Boys Outdoors and Working Class Hunter web shows and associated media during his free time while working full time as a wildlife manager. He came to NDA from the Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division, where he was a field operations supervisor, overseeing management of 15 Wildlife Management Areas. Brian currently lives in Thomaston, Georgia with his wife, Tina, and his two children, Dakota and Brooke.

Winning the War Against Feral Hogs With Alan Leary of Missouri

Jan 25, 2023 Brian Grossman

For decades feral hogs have been expanding their range, creating ecological havoc wherever they show up. Efforts to reduce or eradicate them from the landscape have been largely unsuccessful. However, there is one state that…

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Protecting Yourself From Hearing Loss With Audiologist Dr. Grace Sturdivant

Jan 18, 2023 Brian Grossman

Our hearing is one of our five finely tuned senses and arguably the most likely to be compromised by our lack of protection of it. This is particularly true for hunters and recreational shooters who…

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Filled Tags and Missed Opportunities: Our 2022 Deer Season Recap

Dec 14, 2022 Brian Grossman

It’s hard to believe that the 2022 fall hunting season has come to an end. We spend so many months preparing and thinking about the coming season that the few months of hunting we have…

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Manage Your Hunting Property by Shooting the Right Number of Deer With Matt Ross

Nov 9, 2022 Brian Grossman

On this week’s Deer Season 365 Podcast episode, we’re talking with NDA’s Matt Ross about deer herd management. Matt explains the art and science behind harvesting the right number of bucks and does on a…

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Are You Hunting The Average Buck or a Rule-Breaker?

Nov 2, 2022 Brian Grossman

The NDA has long been known for providing its members and followers with the latest deer research and information. Over the years we’ve reported lots of data on deer biology, movement, how deer react to…

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Rut Hunting Strategies and Debunking Common Rut Myths With NDA’s Kip Adams

Nov 2, 2022 Brian Grossman

There’s a reason this time of year is often referred to as the Super Bowl of whitetail hunting. It’s the rut and NDA’s Chief Conservation Officer, Kip Adams, joins Nick and The Doctor to talk…

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What We’ve Learned From Average Bucks and Outliers With Dr. Bronson Strickland

Oct 26, 2022 Brian Grossman

In this week’s Deer Season 365 Podcast episode, we’re talking with Dr. Bronson Strickland of the Mississippi State University Deer Lab about the individuality of whitetail bucks. While we often report the averages when it…

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Dan Infalt on Finding and Hunting Bedding Areas to Kill Mature Bucks

Sep 28, 2022 Brian Grossman

Get your notepad and a pen handy, because you’ll want to take notes on this one! We’re talking with the Hunting Beast Dan Infalt about how he consistently kills big, mature bucks on heavily pressured…

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4 Terrain Features That Help Fill Deer Tags

Aug 17, 2022 Brian Grossman

When hunting large tracts of land — whether it be public land like a National Forest or a large private tract that you lease — it’s important to be able to pinpoint locations that hold…

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15-Acre Fixer-Upper: What I Learned the First Year

Jul 27, 2022 Brian Grossman

It’s hard to believe a year has already come and gone since my wife and I closed on our new home and 15-acre property in west-central Georgia. We’ve accomplished a lot in those first 12…

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