By: Bruce Ingram

Deer Tongue for Dinner

Dec 30, 2014 Bruce Ingram

About a dozen years ago, I began to feel guilty about leaving gut piles behind in the woods after field dressing a whitetail. I was uncomfortable knowing my wife Elaine and I might be wasting…

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Deer Heart on the Menu

Dec 10, 2013 Bruce Ingram

As someone who depends on venison for all my wife Elaine’s and my red meat needs for the year, and who tries to annually kill 10 whitetails to fulfill those needs, I regard the consumption…

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Preventing Lyme Disease

Aug 12, 2013 Bruce Ingram

Two kinds of venomous snakes dwell in the mountains and valleys of Southwest Virginia where I live and hunt: the Northern copperhead and the much more dangerous timber rattler. I used to say that I…

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