By: Clint Campbell

Clint Campbell of Pennsylvania runs the Truth from the Stand deer hunting podcast and blog, where he discusses deer hunting tactics and strategies with hunters from across the country. When not talking deer hunting, he can be found scouting public ground, planting food plots on his family's Pennsylvania land, planning his next western adventure, or passing the hunting heritage on to his daughter.

How to Find Next Season’s Buck in Last Season’s Trail-Cam Photos

Jan 29, 2020 Clint Campbell

Deer season has barely ended, and I’ve already begun planning for next season… by going back in time and reviewing last year’s trail-camera photos. Winter weather in my home state of Pennsylvania is often less…

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The Importance of Sharing Venison

May 16, 2018 Clint Campbell

Every hunter likely has a friend or family member who is a non-hunter, if not several. You probably avoid hunting-related conversations with some or all of these folks for fear of getting into a debate…

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