By: Cole Gander

Cole Gander is NDA’s Deer Outreach Specialist for northern Missouri. He earned a bachelor’s degree in natural resource science and management from the University of Missouri-Columbia and formerly worked as a natural resource technician with the Missouri Department of Conservation. Cole is an avid hunter, angler and habitat manager. He and his wife Michaela live in Hannibal, Missouri.

Meet Deer Hunters of R3 Who Were Recruited, Retained and Reactivated

Jun 5, 2024 Cole Gander

It’s no secret that participation in hunting has been on the decline since the early 1980s. Because hunters carry wildlife conservation on their shoulders, efforts to grow hunter numbers – known as Recruit, Retain, and…

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Look Inside Acorns to Find Deer Hunting Success

Oct 11, 2023 Cole Gander

Focusing on the best food source is an important part of every deer-hunting strategy. This time of the year, acorns are often key for most whitetail hunters. Follow along as I run through the science…

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Dos and Don’ts of Deer Carcass Disposal in CWD Country

Sep 13, 2023 Cole Gander

Which taxidermist should I use? What recipe should I try when cooking up these backstraps tonight? How should I dispose of the carcass? These are just a few of the practical questions that go racing…

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