By: Elizabeth Kligge

Elizabeth Kligge is NDA’s Field to Fork Coordinator for Pennsylvania. As a gardener, forager, angler, and hunter, she enjoys sourcing a variety of foods from the land and water around her. Elizabeth earned a bachelor's degree in visual arts from Gettysburg College and has studied and taught primitive survival skills at numerous locations around the country. She sees hunting as a way to connect people to their food and the natural world.

How I Went From Vegetarian to Deer Hunter

May 29, 2024 Elizabeth Kligge

I wasn’t raised vegetarian. In fact, I loved meat so much as a child that my Dad nicknamed me “The Meat Eater.” Vegetarianism was something I adopted in high school, with complete disregard for the…

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Warm Up After the Hunt With Slow Cooker Venison Chili

Nov 27, 2023 Elizabeth Kligge

Venison meals are a crucial part of our Field to Fork program. For the adults participating and learning to hunt for the first time, acquiring their own food is a key motivation, so we share…

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Is It Safe to Eat Raw Venison?

Aug 15, 2023 Elizabeth Kligge

Many hunters are accustomed to eating their venison rare to medium rare, but there are some adventurous eaters who like to consume their venison completely raw. Eating a piece of uncooked meat from a deer…

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Easy Venison Meatballs That Melt in Your Mouth

Apr 12, 2023 Elizabeth Kligge

Venison meals are an important part of NDA’s Field to Fork hunter recruitment program, and this tried and true recipe for venison meatballs has been a crowd favorite at many Field to Fork hunts. At…

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Life-Changing Event for NDA Field to Fork Deer Hunters

Dec 21, 2022 Elizabeth Kligge

NDA’s Field to Fork program pairs inexperienced adult hunters with mentors, gives them the information and training they need to get started, and then allows them to go out on their first hunt using borrowed…

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