By: Gabe Karns

Dr. Gabe Karns is a visiting assistant professor at Ohio State University. His research interests include big game population ecology, movements, and harvest dynamics. He earned his Ph.D. in wildlife sciences at Auburn University and his master’s degree from North Carolina State University. His thesis and dissertation research focused primarily on buck movement ecology.

Oh Snap! Which Parts of Deer Antlers Break Most Often?

Feb 26, 2020 Gabe Karns

There are few, if any, wild game animals we know so much about as the white-tailed deer – that’s what makes it surprising when new information comes to light about this species with which we…

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Spike On One Side: Genetics or Injury?

Oct 15, 2012 Gabe Karns

Among hunters, few topics stir discussion like hunting over bait or hunting deer with dogs – but the dispute over “cull bucks” comes close. While ethics play a major role in other debates, the dispute…

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