By: Josh Honeycutt

Josh Honeycutt is an avid deer hunter. He's hunted deer from South Carolina to South Dakota but spends most of his time hunting in Kentucky. Honeycutt is the associate editor and deer hunting editor for, and his work has appeared in more than 50 publications including North American Whitetail, Whitetail Journal, Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Game & Fish, Fur-Fish-Game, Modern Pioneer and more.

5 Red-Hot Rut Stands for Pressured Deer

Nov 17, 2016 Josh Honeycutt

Most of the places I hunt are either public land or small, heavily pressured pockets of private land. Mature bucks (3½ to 4½ years old and older) aren’t making many daylight appearances in these areas…

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8 Tips for Beating Buck Fever

Oct 27, 2016 Josh Honeycutt

I can’t speak for you, but buck fever is one of the reasons I go deer hunting. Of course, the main reason we go is to bring home nourishing food for our families. But we…

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