By: Jennifer Pudenz

Jennifer Pudenz of Peru, Iowa, is co-owner of, a website devoted to naming bucks photographed with trail-cameras. Jennifer is the former editor of The Iowa Sportsman and Family Fish & Game magazines. She has been shooting a bow since the age of 4 and grew up around bowhunting following the footsteps of her dad and brother. Today, Jennifer enjoys all forms of archery from 3-D shoots to bowfishing to bowhunting deer and turkey. Her new adventures include being introduced to gun hunting by her husband, Matt Pudenz, and she has harvested some of her first small game species, including rabbits and doves.

Stay Warm in the Stand, Stay in the Game

Nov 27, 2012 Jennifer Pudenz

Hunting is unpredictable, but that’s what we love about it. You can go from being bummed and not seeing a thing one minute, to harvesting your biggest buck ever the next! Unfortunately, weather can be…

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How to Hunt Native Warm-Season Grasses

Sep 25, 2012 Jennifer Pudenz

Just 170 years ago, a seemingly boundless prairie blanketed the Midwest, one of the largest ecosystems in the world, and it provided natural cover for whitetails and many other wildlife species. Today, only one tenth…

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