By: Kyle Hedges

Kyle Hedges has spent over 25 years managing upland game habitat on public lands in Kansas and Missouri for state wildlife agencies. He also works as a habitat consultant for Land & Legacy, assisting landowners across the country with improving their properties. He is a passionate hunter, trapper and fisherman.

Know These 7 Natural Deer Forage Species When You See Them

Jun 19, 2024 Kyle Hedges

It’s no secret deer consume a long list of plants. In fact, there have been hundreds of articles, research papers and even books written on the subject. Much of the analysis of a deer’s appetite…

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5 Ways to Produce Great Cover for Fawns

Jan 24, 2024 Kyle Hedges

Hunters and habitat managers stumble across fawns in a variety of locations each year, but sometimes folks are fooled by those observations. You may have found a fawn lying in closed-canopy forest or a mowed…

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