By: Matt Pudenz

Matt Pudenz of Peru, Iowa, is creator and owner of, a website devoted to naming bucks photographed with trail-cameras. This unique database for hunters includes more than 1,000 buck names, hundreds of trail-camera photos, monthly giveaways, free desktop downloads, blogs and more. Matt grew up in Carroll, Iowa, gun hunting small game and deer with his family. Today, he and his wife Jennifer are avid bowhunters for deer and turkeys.

Hunt Does to Find Bucks in November

Oct 30, 2012 Matt Pudenz

When November arrives, everyone is on the lookout for that big buck. However, it’s easy to overlook the main factor controlling buck movements in November – does. As the rut kicks in, bucks will be…

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7 Ways to Relocate Missing Bucks

Sep 5, 2012 Matt Pudenz

Velvet is dropping, bachelor groups are breaking up, and those easy-to-find summer bucks are changing patterns and will soon “disappear” as they spread out into the far corners of their home ranges. It’s time to use…

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