By: Nick Pinizzotto

Nick Pinizzotto is NDA’s President and CEO. He has been a member of the NDA team for eight years starting with the former National Deer Alliance. He is a Level II Deer Steward and active wildlife habitat manager on his Pennsylvania property. His more than 25 year professional career has been dedicated to fish and wildlife conservation. He earned a bachelor’s degree in environmental geography and a master’s degree in psychology.

Targeting Mature Bucks Can Be a Lonely Road

Apr 17, 2024 Nick Pinizzotto

I looked at my watch and saw it was 10 a.m. and time to start climbing down from my saddle setup and meet up with my friend and hunting partner, Ron Haas. It was December…

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Prepare These 20 Pieces of Deer Gear Now for Success Next Fall

Feb 14, 2024 Nick Pinizzotto

I’m a tinkerer, particularly when it comes to my hunting gear. Sometimes I think I like tinkering with my gear as much as the act of hunting itself. As a fly fisherman, I also enjoy…

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5 Valuable Lessons From a 10-Point Buck Someone Else Tagged

Nov 15, 2023 Nick Pinizzotto

For the second time, I watched helplessly as my target buck, a 4½-year-old main-frame 10-point with a cool kicker off his right beam, fed just out of shooting range in my food plot. He was…

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5 Reasons Deer Are Not Touching Your Food Plots

Jun 21, 2023 Nick Pinizzotto

I was bursting with anticipation as I settled into my stand overlooking an interior food plot I had planted for the first time a couple months earlier. A year prior, the old natural gas well…

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I Bought Deer Hunting Land in a CWD Zone. It Was a Good Decision.

Jun 15, 2022 Nick Pinizzotto

When I heard the news that a new chronic wasting disease (CWD) Disease Management Area was being established near the area I grew up hunting as a kid in Pennsylvania, I got an immediate knot…

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3 Keys to Late Season Deer-Hunting Success

Jan 5, 2022 Nick Pinizzotto

My heart sank as the snow crushed loudly under my boots when I was approaching my stand. The temperature was supposed to rise into the low 40s overnight, and I expected melting snow to soften…

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