By: NDA Staff

Behind the Scenes of the WildTail Documentary with Joe Clements and Moriah Murphy

May 1, 2024 NDA Staff

You’ve heard about WildTail, the first white-tailed deer documentary of its kind. Here’s an opportunity to hear the stories from behind the scenes from Executive Producer Joe Clements and the star of the show, Moriah…

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How to Lay Out Your Small Deer Hunting Property for Maximum Results

Apr 24, 2024 NDA Staff

In this episode of the Deer Season 365 podcast, host Brian Grossman discusses what he’s learned from managing and hunting his 15-acre Georgia hunting property, and how you can use that information to get the…

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NDA Urges Deer Hunters to Consider New CWD Report With Caution

Apr 18, 2024 NDA Staff

A sketchy online report from neurologists at the University of Texas Health Science Center, in the journal Neurology, is getting attention and causing confusion about the human health implications of chronic wasting disease in deer….

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Getting Involved with an NDA Branch with the Grassroots Team

Apr 17, 2024 NDA Staff

Are you a serious conservationist, deer hunter, or habitat manager and want to get more involved with the National Deer Association? If so, this is a can’t miss episode as Nick and The Doctor are…

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Planning and Executing Successful DIY Deer Hunts With Jeremy Aron and Daniel Lemmon of Do It Yourself Hunter

Apr 10, 2024 NDA Staff

On this week’s Deer Season 365 podcast episode, we talk with Jeremy Aron and Daniel Lemmon of the Do It Yourself Hunter YouTube channel all about how they plan and execute their DIY hunting trips…

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NDA’s Taxidermist Incentive Program Finds Indiana’s First CWD Case

Apr 8, 2024 NDA Staff

A cooperative program between the National Deer Association and Indiana DNR helped find the first confirmed case of chronic wasting disease in Indiana whitetails. The Taxidermist Incentive Program pays $10 to Indiana taxidermists for every…

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The Evolution of CWD Sampling Technology With Scientists From the Pennsylvania Wildlife Futures Program

Apr 3, 2024 NDA Staff

Admittedly, it’s not a lot of fun to talk about chronic wasting disease (CWD) and its negative impact on deer populations, hunting, and overall wildlife conservation. That doesn’t mean there are no bright spots, however,…

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Getting the Most From Your Mapping App With Jared Larsen of onX Hunt

Mar 27, 2024 NDA Staff

On this episode of the Deer Season 365 podcast, we talk with Jared Larsen of onX Hunt about how to get the most from your mapping app. We dive into various uses for mapping apps…

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Action Alert: Protect Kansas’ Wildlife by Opposing SB 347

Mar 25, 2024 NDA Staff

Kansas is facing a critical threat to its natural resources and wildlife with the introduction of Senate Bill 347. This bill, proposed and advocated by hunting lodges, guides, and large landowners catering to non-resident hunters,…

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No-Till Drills and Crimpers for Food Plotting With Paul Hollis of PH Outdoors

Mar 20, 2024 NDA Staff

There are many effective ways to plant a food plot but two particular approaches, no-till planting and crimping, continue to gain popularity. In this episode, Paul Hollis, owner of PH Outdoors, joined Nick and The…

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