By: Tim Russell

Tim Russell is a certified forester with Green Fire Forestry & Wildlife Services of Pitcher, New York. He formerly served as QDMA’s Young Forest Specialist in New York. Tim earned his forest resources management degree from SUNY-ESF and previously worked as a forest technician at Forecon Inc. and F&W Forestry Services, where he marked and scaled timber, inspected logging operations and conducted forest inventories. He and his wife, Amy, reside in Cortland, N.Y.

How to Rehab Old Apple Trees for Deer Attraction

Jan 7, 2020 Tim Russell

Apple trees can provide an ample supply of quality food to whitetails and often retain fruit late into the season, continuing to drop apples into the winter. While establishing new food sources on your property…

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Give Yourself the Edge

May 7, 2018 Tim Russell

A lot of attention is being given to “young forest” in the QDM world lately. The volume of quality natural forage that is available to deer and other wildlife in a recently regenerated forest makes…

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The 3 Biggest Obstacles to Creating Young Forest Cover

Mar 27, 2017 Tim Russell

Young forest is an important cover type for whitetails. The dense thickets of shrubs, weeds, vines, seedlings and saplings in a young forest provide ample food and cover. For some, creating these conditions could be…

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