Using Dogs to Detect CWD With Brenna Babiy of Penn Vet’s Wildlife Futures Program

May 10, 2023 By: NDA Staff

Dogs are remarkable. They’re much more than just “man’s best friend.” When trained, dogs can help humans with a long list of tasks ranging from finding bombs and drugs to searching for lost people, detecting low blood sugar and other health concerns, and much more. Also on the list is detecting wildlife diseases including chronic wasting disease (CWD). In this episode, Nick and The Doctor talk with Brenna Babiy who is the Conservation K9 Supervisor and handler at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine’s (Penn Vet) Working Dog Center, about how her team’s work can someday change the way CWD is found and tracked in the wild.

Brenna’s team is part of a greater partnership with the Pennsylvania Game Commission known as the Pennsylvania Wildlife Futures Program. NDA is also a partner in the effort. While not many people enjoy talking about CWD, this work is exciting and is showing a lot of promise for helping manage the spread of the disease. It’s a bit of good news about a topic that typically has little.

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