Deer Science

These Warning Signs Could Predict EHD Outbreaks in Deer

Jul 16, 2024 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Hemorrhagic disease is a phantom enemy of deer. Known to hunters more commonly as EHD and bluetongue, this family of viruses strikes unpredictably and sporadically, hitting deer hard in some areas, lightly in others, or…

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Are Sika Deer Outcompeting and Replacing Maryland’s Whitetails?

Jul 10, 2024 Matthew McBride and Dr. Jacob Bowman

I had no idea that nearly 20,000 short, stocky sika deer roam the marshes of Maryland’s Eastern Shore until I watched a MeatEater episode filmed in Dorchester County. A few years later, I jumped at…

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3 Reasons Deer Attack People

Jun 26, 2024 Matt Ross

No matter your age, race or upbringing, the cast of beastly characters that headline our nightmares typically involves sharp teeth, claws or an overall slimy, creepy-crawly “ick factor.” Cute and cuddly are never traits conjured…

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Deer Antlers Come in Many Colors. This Hunter Wanted to Know Why.

Jun 5, 2024 Dr. Tim Lewis

Hunters have long been intrigued by variation in the color of deer antlers. Archibald Rutledge’s writings immortalized the dark racks of South Carolina’s lowland swamp bucks as unique and special. Others have admired the glistening…

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Genetically Modified Deer Won’t Stop CWD. Here Are 7 Reasons Why.

May 21, 2024 NDA Staff

You may have heard some people claim we can fight chronic wasting disease (CWD) through breeding and releasing genetically modified, CWD “resistant” deer. NDA believes every potential solution to the CWD problem should be considered…

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How Often Do Whitetails Give Birth to Triplet and Quadruplet Fawns, or More?

May 8, 2024 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

A whitetail doe can give birth to one, two or three fawns each year, and that’s the limit for almost all of them. A very rare doe will bear quadruplet fawns. And rarest among the…

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Missouri Shows Us How to Manage CWD in Deer for the Long Haul

Apr 22, 2024 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

The Missouri Department of Conservation recently released its 2023-24 chronic wasting disease testing results, and the report contains good news and a lesson for deer hunters in other states: If the disease is discovered early,…

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NDA Urges Deer Hunters to Consider New CWD Report With Caution

Apr 18, 2024 NDA Staff

A sketchy online report from neurologists at the University of Texas Health Science Center, in the journal Neurology, is getting attention and causing confusion about the human health implications of chronic wasting disease in deer….

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You Know Where That Buck Beds, Huh?

Apr 10, 2024 Luke Resop

We’re all familiar with the lore surrounding buck beds and bedding habits. Many hunters have elaborate theories that factor in weather and landscape features to predict where a specific buck will choose to bed at…

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Piebald Deer: How Rare Are They?

Apr 9, 2024 Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Piebald deer are born with a rare genetic condition that gives them small to large patches of white hair mixed in randomly with normal brown hair color. Bucks and does can be piebald. Some piebald…

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