5 Pieces of Hunting Gear Every New Deer Hunter Needs

Oct 6, 2021 Ben Westfall

Like many of us, I started hunting at a young age wearing mismatched, hand-me-down camo and worn-out gear that was older than I was. My hunting journey has evolved over the years, but when I…

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How I Fooled 4 Mature Deer

Sep 15, 2021 Kip Adams

Deer hunting is fun. I have been thrilled by the chase since before I was old enough to legally hunt. Four decades ago, mature bucks were nonexistent on our Pennsylvania farm. Mature does were abundant,…

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Practice Your Treestand Safety Technique Before the Hunt

Sep 8, 2021 Gregory Clarke

Superlative! Such was the exclamation I shouted as I came down from yet another climb and sit with my hang-on treestand. Taking advantage of a slightly rainy Sunday that drove people from the local park,…

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How to Prep for Deer Season in a Small Suburban Home

Sep 8, 2021 Ben Westfall

Many of us, myself included, do not own hunting land or even live outside of city limits. In fact, 52% of American households are classified as suburban, while only 21% of households are considered rural!…

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Everything You Need to Give Saddle Hunting a Try

Sep 1, 2021 Brian Grossman

While saddle hunting has been around for decades, it wasn’t until the last three or four years that it has exploded in popularity, particularly among public land hunters who are trying to be as lightweight…

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Passing Public Land Bucks

Aug 18, 2021 Moriah Boggess

Like many deer hunters, I grew up hunting small 10- to 20-acre private parcels. However, this all changed in fall 2018 when I moved from my home in North Carolina to attend college in central…

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3 Great Spots for Public Land Trail-Cameras

Jul 7, 2021 Brian Grossman

One of my favorite summertime activities leading into deer season is running trail-cameras. And while I keep a few out on my small property where I live, the bulk of my trail-camera efforts take place…

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What I Learned From Talking to Non-Hunters

Jun 9, 2021 Zack Vucurevich

How the global pandemic led to more productive conversations with non-hunters – through online dating. If the year 2020 had one overarching theme, it was that no one is immune to change. Although some of…

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Heavy vs. Light Arrows: Which Are Better for Deer Hunting?

May 12, 2021 Brian Grossman

For decades now, bowhunters have seemingly been on a quest to own the fastest shooting bow possible. During that time, manufacturers often touted their bows’ IBO or ATA speeds above all other features, and hunters…

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9 Features to Look For in Women’s Hunting Apparel

May 5, 2021 Karli Gill

If you are an avid female hunter, then you know proper hunting gear can make or break your hunting experience. I grew up hunting in my dad’s hand-me-downs. They worked just fine… for sitting still…

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