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Fighting the Anti-Hunters with Brian Lynn of Sportsmen’s Alliance

Feb 21, 2024 NDA Staff

The attacks by anti-hunters and animal welfare groups against sportsmen are constant. While groups like the National Deer Association (NDA) and our many conservation partners are working daily to implement conservation measures and policies that…

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Interesting Insights on Mature Buck Movement and Bedding With Dr. Bronson Strickland

Feb 14, 2024 NDA Staff

In this week’s Deer Season 365 Podcast, we talk with Dr. Bronson Strickland of the Mississippi State University Extension Service and MSU Deer Lab about their research on mature buck movement. Bronson discusses when and…

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A Day in the Life of a Wildlife Health Technician With Ian Gereg of Penn Vet

Feb 7, 2024 NDA Staff

Did you know there are wildlife health professionals scattered across the country working day and night to keep animals and people safe from wildlife-borne diseases? These good people are truly working on the front lines…

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The Latest Deer Harvest Data and Hunting Trends from the 2024 Deer Report with Kip Adams

Jan 30, 2024 NDA Staff

In this week’s Deer Season 365 podcast episode, we’re talking with Kip Adams about NDA’s recently released 2024 Deer Report. Kip hits the highlights of the state-by-state harvest data, including buck and doe harvest, the age…

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Aging Your Deer Under a Microscope With Heather Stevens of DeerAge.com

Jan 24, 2024 Brian Grossman

While assessing tooth replacement and tooth wear can be an effective way to age deer to a certain age, or at least get you close, there’s no more accurate way than having a tooth analyzed…

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A Northern Perspective on Prescribed Fire With Ben Jones

Jan 17, 2024 NDA Staff

In this episode of the Deer Season 365 podcast, we talk with Ben Jones of the Ruffed Grouse Society all about prescribed fire. Specifically, we discuss the differences between prescribed fire in the North and…

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The Story of Jason Thomas’s Potential Record Breaking Ohio Buck

Jan 10, 2024 NDA Staff

It wasn’t long after Ohio hunter Jason Thomas walked up on his buck of a lifetime that word started getting out that a potential new Ohio typical record may have fallen. A few weeks later…

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Buying Your First Hunting Property With Dave Skinner of Whitetail Properties

Jan 3, 2024 NDA Staff

In this episode of the Deer Season 365 podcast, we talk with Dave Skinner of Whitetail Properties all about buying your first hunting property. Dave dives into what to look for in a deer hunting…

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Filling Your Deer Tags in the Winter Season with Mark Kenyon

Dec 20, 2023 NDA Staff

The winter deer season is here! After weeks of being pursued by hunters, starting with archery equipment and eventually firearms, deer are more cautious than ever, making it even more challenging to get into shooting range….

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How Deer Respond to Various Levels of Hunting Pressure With Dr. Andy Little

Dec 13, 2023 NDA Staff

In this week’s episode of the Deer Season 365 podcast, we’re talking with Dr. Andy Little of the University of Nebraska’s Applied Wildlife Ecology and Spatial Movement Lab about how deer react to various levels…

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