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Choosing the Perfect Hunting Pack With Zach Scheidegger and Joe Schroeder of ALPS Outdoorz

Mar 15, 2023 NDA Staff

In this episode of the Coffee and Deer podcast, we’re talking hunting packs and what to look for when buying a pack to match your hunting needs. Nick and The Doctor talk with Zach Scheidegger…

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The State of the Deer Address and NDA’s 2023 Deer Report With Kip Adams

Mar 8, 2023 Brian Grossman

In this week’s Deer Season 365 podcast episode, we discuss NDA’s recently released 2023 Deer Report with Kip Adams. Kip hits the highlights of the state-by-state harvest data, including buck and doe harvest, the age…

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Optics for Shed Hunting and Turkey Hunting with Mark Boardman of Vortex Optics

Mar 1, 2023 NDA Staff

Shed antler hunting season is upon us and turkey seasons are opening across the country, which makes this the perfect time to have Mark Boardman from Vortex Optics join the show. Nick and The Doctor…

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Life as a Professional Wildlife Photographer With Tes Jolly

Feb 22, 2023 NDA Staff

On this week’s episode of the Deer Season 365 podcast, we’re talking with professional wildlife photographer Tes Jolly of Alabama. Tes discusses how she developed her passion for hunting and wildlife photography, what being a…

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Learning All About Deer and Habitat Management Through NDA’s Deer Steward Program

Feb 15, 2023 Brian Grossman

The NDA Deer Steward Program is entering its 14th year of existence and it remains the only deer management certification program of its type in the country. In this episode, Nick and The Doctor are joined…

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Adult-Onset Deer Hunting and the Importance of Being a Hunting Mentor

Feb 8, 2023 NDA Staff

This week we talk with a relatively new deer hunter, Augusto Zimmermann. Augusto is from Brazil and didn’t grow up with a hunting background. Moving to Georgia after college, Augusto stumbled on NDA’s Field to…

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Avoiding Hunting Trip Disasters With Melissa Bachman of Winchester Deadly Passion

Feb 1, 2023 NDA Staff

Traveling out of the local area to hunt is steadily gaining in popularity. While going on a destination hunting trip can be exciting and rewarding, it can be equally frustrating and disappointing if hunters don’t…

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Winning the War Against Feral Hogs With Alan Leary of Missouri

Jan 25, 2023 Brian Grossman

For decades feral hogs have been expanding their range, creating ecological havoc wherever they show up. Efforts to reduce or eradicate them from the landscape have been largely unsuccessful. However, there is one state that…

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Protecting Yourself From Hearing Loss With Audiologist Dr. Grace Sturdivant

Jan 18, 2023 Brian Grossman

Our hearing is one of our five finely tuned senses and arguably the most likely to be compromised by our lack of protection of it. This is particularly true for hunters and recreational shooters who…

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The Science Behind the South’s Odd Whitetail Rut With Jason Sumners

Jan 10, 2023 NDA Staff

In this episode of the Deer Season 365 podcast, we’re talking with wildlife biologist Jason Sumners about the science behind the odd whitetail rut timing in the Southeastern U.S. Jason studied the impact of deer…

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