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Do you feel that deer management only extends to your boundary line? Or, that what occurs beyond the border has traditionally been looked upon as the wild west? Quality Deer Management Cooperatives (QDM Co-ops) are changing that mindset. A QDM Co-op is comprised of neighboring landowners and/or hunters working toward common interests.

The National Deer Association (NDA) has long recognized the importance of a cooperative effort among neighbors to promote healthy deer herds, healthy habitat and for improved hunting quality. Cooperatives driven by deer management also enrich broader landscape biodiversity and conservation, which is beneficial for game and non-game species alike. As such, the NDA recently created 5-Year Mission Goals aimed at Co-ops and has dedicated this page to assist landowners and hunters who are looking for guidance in the development of a QDM Co-op. Watch this video to learn about how starting a QDM Co-op in your area can help:

QDM Cooperative Resources

Multiple resources are available on this page, such as our Developing Successful Quality Deer Management Cooperatives booklet. This booklet is free to download, or purchase copies for your neighborhood. You will also find templates of an invitation letter and a tri-fold brochure to invite neighbors to a future event. Finally, below are links to gear, tools and other articles to learn more about QDM Co-ops and their success:

QDM Cooperative Articles
QDM Cooperative Gear

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If you would like additional information about how a QDM Cooperative can improve the deer and deer hunting on your property, or to learn how to start a Cooperative in your area, contact an NDA representative from the list below.

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