North Central PA Branch Crabapple, Bare Root Seedling Sale

March 28, 2022 – May 15, 2022 all-day
Doug Garrison

North Central PA Branch

Crabapple, Bare Root Seedling Sale


Malus Dolgo crabapple trees that is extremely cold hardy, tolerating temperatures well into Plant Hardiness Zone 3. Malus Dolgo does not sucker like Antonovka and is more precocious. Dolgo is an excellent choice for wildlife trees because it produces a full-size 20′ to 30′ tree. This standard will develop deep well-defined root systems. Therefore, making it exceptionally well anchored, with roots penetrating well into the subsoil, pulling up moisture and nutrients. Therefore, making Malus Doglo very drought tolerant. Due to its full vigor, it is adaptable to many soil types and conditions, allowing it to do exceptionally well when planting in less desirable locations.

Malus Dolgo Crabapple makes an excellent wildlife tree for areas such as what was at one time wooded and is now food plots, reclaimed land, shale mountain soil, dryer uplands, and ridges. This Standard will perform exceptionally well in improved soil in an orchard style settings. Malus Dolgo is gaining popularity because of its famed heritage for being disease-resistant. Malus Dolgo also handles excessive moisture very well. These are one-year-old seedlings 1/4″ to 3/8″ in diameter, making these the top 40% of seedlings grown in one growing season. This crabapple seedling produces a full-size tree 20’+ with full vigor.  You may see some variations in fruit size, drop time and disease resistance as these are not grafted trees but are an excellent source to establish crabapples on your property.

3.00 per Tree

Bundles of 25 at $50.00


Our NDA branch is currently selling Malus Dolgo Crabapple Bare Root Seedlings.
Quantities are limited so this will be on a first come, first serve basis.

Please text Doug Garrison, VP -NCPB NDA at 570.541.2978 to verify availability and to set appointment for pickup.  Evenings and weekends can be scheduled for pick up at 9676 Rt. 235, Beaver Springs PA 17812.