Field to Fork Adult Hunter Recruitment Program

NDA’s Field to Fork program is a food-focused hunter recruitment program for adults from non-hunting backgrounds. Field to Fork invites adults outside of the traditional hunting culture to learn every aspect of hunting and sourcing their own protein.

Field to Fork continues to blaze a new trail in hunter recruitment, proving there is strong desire among many non-hunting adults to learn to hunt deer for food. Field to Fork has proved the “efficiency” of recruiting adult hunters: They have the independence and ability to hunt on their own immediately after they receive a helping hand for their first experience, and more than 80% of Field to Fork recruits are in fact continuing to hunt independently. They are sharing their venison with others, buying hunting equipment of their own, and even taking other new hunters into the deer woods.

Field to Fork Resources

Field to Fork participants field dressing a deer at night.

Take our Deer Hunting 101 online course, the same education utilized in our Field to Fork programs. This course was developed by NDA and is powered by the leading provider of online hunter safety courses in North America, Kalkomey Enterprises, LLC or In this course, you will receive the most comprehensive deer hunting instruction available anywhere!

Elizabeth Kligge

Through a partnership with the Pennsylvania Game Commission, NDA is pleased to announce the hire of Elizabeth Kligge as the Pennsylvania Field to Fork Coordinator. Kligge will oversee the expansion of Field to Fork, adult food-focused learn-to-hunt programs and other Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation (R3) initiatives.