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How to Bore-Sight a Rifle: No Tools Required

Save time and expensive ammo by using this simple method to bore-sight a rifle. No special tools required! I recently talked with a hunter who purchased a new rifle with a scope and two boxes of expensive hunting ammo. At the range, he used up the expensive ammo but did not ever once hit his …

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A Secret Weapon for Post-Rut Bucks: Red Oaks

It was mid-December 2020 in southern Indiana, and my deer season was slipping through my fingers. After two hard months of hunting and over a hundred miles put on my boots, my buck tag was still just as empty as day one. I had hunted hard through early November, the midst of the fabled Midwestern …

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Suburban Bowhunting to Fill the Freezer, With Bruce Ingram

In this week’s episode of NDA’s Deer Season 365 Podcast we’re talking with NDA member and author Bruce Ingram about his experience deer hunting the suburbs. Bruce walks us through the entire process, including how to locate properties, how to get permission to hunt, the challenges of suburban deer hunting, as well as some suburban deer …

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The Importance of In-Season Scouting

Not having the deer season you had hoped for? Carve out some time for in-season scouting. By locating the most recent sign, you’ll be back in the game and on your way to a successful season. Last season I wrapped up a three-day Georgia public-land deer hunt in mid-October only seeing a few does and …

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