“From a hunter’s experiences and observations afield comes a reverence for the wilds, and from that grows the soul of a true conservationist.” – Lowell E. Baier

Share Your Hunt™

Share Your Hunt™ is our support program for our volunteer Branches hosting deer hunts, whether they are intended for military, disabled, youth or adult hunters. Share Your Hunt™ offsets the cost of hosting these special hunts and provides resources and guidance. QDMA covers the cost of membership, insurance, mentor background checks and a blaze orange hat and vest for the first 10 hunters per Branch per year.

QDMA’s Guide to Successful Deer Hunting

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QDMA’s Guide to Successful Deer Hunting is an e-book produced in partnership with HunterED.com and Primos Hunting. This is a great resource for both experienced and new hunters alike who want to become more successful deer hunters. You can read the e-book on any device using the free Kindle app. You can also easily “gift” a copy of the e-book to friends and family who would like to learn more about deer hunting. Review the book now.

QDMA in the Classroom

Young students love learning about whitetails. Teachers love fun, engaging, ready-made lesson plans. We’ve got them covered. With the advent of our youth education and outreach program, the Rack Pack, QDMA worked to do more for the classrooms throughout the country. Thus “QDMA in the Classroom” was born. This complete Deer Management curriculum also includes a one-year classroom membership to QDMA, an Aging & Scoring Bucks on the Hoof DVD, six Issues of Quality Whitetails Magazine; and a Three Poster Combo Pack.

Mentored Hunting Guide

With an ever-growing focus on recruiting new hunters, QDMA offers an eight-step program to guide mentors through the recruiting process. From introduction to celebrating the hunt, these multiple steps over several months will be far more effective than traditional “one-time” events designed to expose newcomers to hunting. Click here to download our Mentored Hunting Guide.