The Importance of NDA Volunteers and How You Can Get Involved

May 24, 2023 By: NDA Staff

The National Deer Association is blessed with dedicated volunteers and Branch leaders that help deliver our mission to serve as the guardian for wild deer, habit, and hunting. Still, most of our members are not active in a Branch or are unaware of the opportunities to support NDA beyond getting their annual membership.

Kristen Giger is NDA’s Director of Grassroots Support and she joins Nick and The Doctor on today’s episode to talk about the importance of our volunteers while describing the process for getting more involved from A to Z. She also shares how the organization is currently investing further in the program to ensure its bright future.

This is an Ask NDA Anything episode and our hosts answer a question about scouting for deer and whether or not it’s ever too early to start. The B-Team report for this episode was a combined effort as Nick and The Doctor pulled off yet another turkey hunting blunder.

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