NDA Membership Frequently Asked Questions

We revised and upgraded NDA’s membership structure recently. Here are answers to frequently asked questions you may have about joining NDA.

I’m an existing one-year or three-year member. What do I need to do?

Nothing. Your existing membership has been automatically upgraded to a Premium membership through the end of your current expiration date, at no charge. You may also extend that expiration date at your current membership rate of $35 for a limited time, before we activate the new rate of $49 for new Premium members on September 1, 2023. 

You have my e-mail address, so why don’t I receive the e-newsletter?

First, check your junk mail or spam filter. NDA’s e-newsletter goes out every Thursday morning to the entire membership. If you find it in your spam or junk folder, add email@deerassociation.com to your approved recipients or address book.

If your spam filter is not the problem, then either you opted-out of receiving e-mails from us in the past, or we don’t have a current or correct address. Call NDA Customer Service at 800-209-DEER (3337) to verify your status.

What are the criteria for the NDA member prize drawings and how often are they held?

To be eligible for prize drawings, you must have a valid e-mail on file, a physical address, and not be opted out of our e-mail communications. There will be a drawing for basic and Premium membership levels at least once per quarter.  

How does this affect NDA Branch events and fundraisers?

NDA’s Director of Grassroots Support and/or your Regional Director will be contacting Branch leaders and volunteers separately to outline the new plan. All memberships sold at the Branch level through fundraisers will remain the same through December 31, 2023, however, they will be processed as Premium Members under the new structure.

How do I join NDA’s e-mail list and become a free, basic member? 

Simply visit deerassociation.com and click “Join” from any page. Enter both a valid e-mail address and your mailing address. To remain eligible for prize drawings, you must remain opted-in to receiving e-mails and have an active address on file from NDA. Only active, valid, opted-in accounts are eligible for drawings at all levels.

What types of topics will the weekly NDA e-newsletter and local action alerts cover?

The weekly newsletter brings you that week’s new deer content from our full range of topics, including habitat improvement, hunting strategy and deer biology. Policy action alerts include proposed changes in hunting regulations or state law that affect you as well as public hearing opportunities. Conservation alerts inform you of opportunities near you such as educational courses and informative speakers, whether organized by NDA or our partner organizations.

What is the purpose of having my physical address in your database as a Basic NDA member?

This allows us to send you geographically targeted information about policy matters and events that only affect you and other hunters in your local area.  It also allows us to know who our members are and where they are located so we are better able to identify your needs.  

As a Premium Member, how often will I have access to new deals and discounts from corporate supporters, and how will these be communicated?

We will supply you with discount codes for each of the participating brands via e-mail or through a secure member log-in on the NDA website. These codes will be updated regularly as partnering brands are added, and we’ll send you new codes on a regular basis. Partnering brands will be able to validate your NDA membership when you make purchases using currently active codes.

What are the details of the food-plot seed program available to NDA Premium Members and Life Members?

Visit this page on our website for more on NDA’s Food Plot Seed Program.

As an existing paid member, will my account be automatically upgraded to a Premium membership? Will I receive a confirmation of this?

Yes, all current, paid NDA members are now “Premium” members through the end of their existing date. No confirmation is necessary. You will receive both e-mail and printed notifications when your membership is about to expire and instructions for renewing. For a limited time, you may renew at the old membership rate of $35.

Can I upgrade my Free Membership to Premium or Life Membership at any point? If so, how do I go about doing this?

Yes. Simply visit NDA’s website, click on “Join,” and select the membership level you want. Or call 800-209-DEER (3337).

If I opt out of emails, can I still be a member and receive other benefits, or will this remove me from all NDA member activities?

Opting-out of NDA e-mails removes you from eligibility for regular prize drawings at all levels of membership, and it prevents you from receiving newsletters, policy alerts and conservation alerts. You remain eligible for other Premium and Life Member benefits.

How long is the introductory period for the current price of $35 for the NDA Premium membership, and when will the price change to $49 annually?

This is a limited time offer. The introductory price of $35 will be available until August 30, 2023. The new $49 Premium Membership rate will go into effect September 1, 2023. 

Is a Life Membership a one-time fee or can it be paid over a period of time?

It can be paid as a one time fee or in a four-payment installment plan. Call us at 800-209-DEER (3337). Life Member materials will not be shipped until the final payment is made.  

If I decide not to renew my paid membership after the current term expires, what happens to my data in your database and can I still receive advocacy and conservation alerts?

We retain your contact information in case you should re-join in the future, but it remains secure. We do not sell or share your information with other parties. You will continue to receive e-mail newsletters and action alerts from us as long as you do not opt-out of receiving e-mails.

If you have additional questions not answered above, don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 209-DEER (3337). Thank you!