From Vegetarian to Hunting Mentor With NDA’s Elizabeth Kligge

June 26, 2024 By: NDA Staff

Research shows that if you don’t grow up in a family of hunters or you’re not close to someone who does, chances are you won’t become a hunter yourself. It can be an even bigger barrier if many around you are opposed to hunting and living a vegetarian lifestyle.

NDA’s Pennsylvania Field to Fork Coordinator, Elizabeth Kligge, not only overcame those obstacles, she developed a love for hunting and with it a strong desire to teach others who’ve always wanted to try it but never had the chance.

In this episode, Elizabeth shares her story with Nick and The Doctor, including how partaking in roadkill reinvigorated her willingness to eat meat! In addition to the interview, Elizabeth also wrote this recent article for NDA detailing her journey:  How I Went from Vegetarian to Deer Hunter.

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