NDA’s Guide to Prescribed Fire

February 4, 2021 By: NDA Staff

Prescribed fire is a great way to set back plant succession and improve habitat on a hunting property. While many land managers once avoided fire due to safety concerns, improved techniques, training and information has brought controlled burning to the forefront of habitat improvement techniques. Over the years, we’ve published numerous articles in Quality Whitetails magazine and on our website regarding the safe use of prescribed fire, and its role in habitat management, and we have compiled those website articles on this page as a one-stop resource for those interested in potentially trying prescribed fire where they hunt. 

Preparing for Your First Prescribed Fire

Get Ready to Use Prescribed Fire

Fire Up Your Deer Hunting With a Prescribed Burn

Methods for Implementing a Prescribed Fire

4 Ways to Light a Prescribed Fire

Fire Frequency

The Best Fire Frequency for Deer Habitat

Small Scale Burning

Try Bow-Range Burning for Archery Attraction

Added Benefits of Prescribed Fire

Burning Questions: Can Fire Reduce Tick Abundance?

Fire Needs Sunlight to Work Best

Prescribed fire can’t produce a burst of understory forage and cover without any sunlight reaching the ground to fuel plant growth. In shaded, mature forests, open the canopy at least 30% with forest stand improvement techniques before you burn. Learn more about forest stand improvement at this link.

NDA Videos Related to Prescribed Fire

While prescribed fire can be conducted safely and effectively, it should only be done so with the guidance of a trained professional. If you are interested in conducting a prescribed fire on your property, and you’re not sure where to start, contact your state wildlife and/or forestry agency for guidance. They may be able to provide training or assistance with your burn.