NDA’s onX Hunt CWD Layer Now Provides Testing Sites, More Resources

November 1, 2021 By: NDA Staff

Newly expanded information in the onX Hunt App CWD map layer will make it even easier for deer and elk hunters to help fight chronic wasting disease (CWD) by providing CWD distribution, management zones, testing locations, carcass disposal sites and more for the entire country – all within the onX Hunt App.

CWD is a neurodegenerative disease of deer and elk that results in abnormal behavior, loss of body condition, and eventually death. CWD is 100% fatal and is found in most species of the deer family (cervids), including whitetail and mule deer, elk, and moose. onX and NDA worked together to provide the first nationwide database of CWD information for hunters in 2018. The new layer in the onX Hunt App could be used to visualize CWD distribution, but with the new update, the CWD layer now also shows testing locations, carcass disposal sites and regulations for each CWD management zone. This information, along with relevant links to all state CWD resources and regulations, will help empower you to fight CWD and become part of the solution.

As part of their partnership with NDA, onX Hunt is offering a 20% discount off their Premium Membership by using code “NDA” at onXmaps.com. The onX Hunt App is available on iTunes or the Google Play Store, as well as at www.onxmaps.com.

“NDA’s CWD map layer in onX Hunt is designed to make deer hunters more aware of CWD and its presence so they can comply with harvest, testing, and carcass transportation rules intended to help stop the spread of this serious disease,” said Kip Adams, NDA’s Chief Conservation Officer. “When you’re hunting deer in a CWD management zone, it’s critical that you submit samples from any harvested deer for testing, and that you properly dispose of the carcass before leaving the zone.”

The CWD layer is included free for all who purchase the onX Hunt App. When the nationwide layer is activated, it highlights in red each county where the disease has been confirmed. Tapping or clicking inside any affected county will pull up additional resources like sampling locations, carcass disposal sites, and links to local regulations intended to help stop the spread of CWD.