Thank You for your New Hunter survey submission

Thank you for your interest in becoming a new deer hunter. The National Deer Association and our partners are dedicated to mentoring new hunters both in-person and online while inspiring our members and all hunters to join us.

Nothing can take the place of a good mentor to take you out on your first hunt, and our goal is to help you find a local, knowledgeable hunter willing to show you the ropes whether it be as a part of an organized Field to Fork event or on your own arrangement. In the meantime, here are some resources we recommend:

Paid Resources:

Deer Hunting 101 Course

This is a paid online course with our partner Today’s Hunter. It is the most comprehensive online resource to learn to hunt deer. You can get $10 off the course by using code: “NDAnewhunter10”. If you haven’t taken your hunter education course and plan to you can also bundle this course with your online hunter education for a larger discount.

Free Resources:

NDA's Deer Hunting 101 YouTube Series

This is an 18-part series on everything you need to know about deer hunting to get started.

NDA's Deer Hunting Articles

Check out this tab on our website where we compile all of our materials relevant to a newer hunter.

NDA's Guide to Successful Deer Hunting eBook (Free)

If you’d rather read all about deer hunting download our free eBook.

Field to Fork

For more information on our Field to Fork program click here.

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