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QDMA Expands Field to Fork Hunter Recruitment Into 7 New States

Sep 11, 2018 NDA Staff

Field to Fork, a hunter recruitment program for adults from non-hunting backgrounds, is expanding into seven new states this year after two successful seasons of pilot testing near QDMA Headquarters in Georgia. Of 22 adult…

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Field to Fork: Part 2

Nov 2, 2017 Charles Evans

Hank Forester, QDMA’s Hunting Heritage Programs Manager, and I had quite the experience in Georgia last year with a pilot program we named “Field to Fork” after an existing model in Kentucky. Field to Fork…

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Learn-to-Hunt Pilot Program Starts Small – with Small Game

May 8, 2017 Charles Evans

Over the past couple of decades, we have seen a shift the in the rural traditions, values, and beliefs that have formed the foundation of hunting in the United States. In Georgia, we are shifting…

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“Field to Fork” Helps Locavores Become Hunters

Nov 3, 2016 Charles Evans

When I ask people why they choose to pursue deer each fall, there are always a variety of replies. Some even struggle with the answer because hunting has become so ingrained in their lifestyle. However,…

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NDA Hosts Free Virtual Meeting on CWD in Pennsylvania

Jan 1, 1970 Lindsay Thomas Jr.
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