Connecting Hunters and Landowners With LandTrust CEO Nic Decastro

April 26, 2023 By: NDA Staff
Cool shot of someone in a LandTrust cap overlooking a large expanse of grasslands.

Let’s face it. Most people don’t enjoy knocking on doors to seek hunting or fishing permission. Not only is it awkward for the asker, but it’s also a disruption to the landowner and sometimes an unwelcome one. While it can work and many are still successful using this tactic, it’s not ideal for most. This is where LandTrust comes in.

LandTrust was founded to make communication between landowners and outdoor recreationists easier. In this episode, Nick and The Doctor are joined by the founder and CEO of LandTrust, Nic Decastro. Nic took his idea for bridging the gap between landowners and outdoors enthusiasts and combined it with his business background to create a fast-growing company. He talks about the benefits of accessing private land through his company and also shares several success stories.

The B-Team report for this episode is one for the ages! Find out how one of our hosts found themselves stranded in Washington, D.C. in rush hour traffic for two hours and ended up having to leave their vehicle behind to get home. We wish it wasn’t true but it is! This is also an Ask NDA Anything episode and questions about protecting turkey nests and fawns and chronic wasting disease are answered.

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