Action Alert:  Oppose Raid on Nebraska Game Fund Diversion to the State’s General Fund (LB 1413)

February 19, 2024 By: NDA Staff

Nebraska Legislative Bill 1413 would divert $7 million from the State’s Game Fund to the General Fund and put additional federal dollars for wildlife conservation at risk. It would also transfer $2.5 million from the Nebraska Habitat Fund, which holds money accumulated from the sale of habitat stamps to support habitat management. This bill was introduced as part of the Governor’s 2024 mid-biennium budget adjustment recommendations for the 2023-2025 biennium. The Game Fund is where money generated through hunting and trapping license fees go. In addition, it could put the state’s federal Pittman-Robertson fund dollars at risk, which amounted to more than $20 million in 2023.


Please consider joining the National Deer Association (NDA) in opposing this legislation. Nebraska hunters and wildlife deserve better than having funds specifically generated for their supporting uses and benefit to be diverted for other purposes. Nebraska Game and Parks relies on these dollars to carry out its work that benefits all citizens and wildlife in the state.

CLICK HERE to ask your lawmakers to oppose LB 1413.