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In July 2021, NDA launched two podcasts — Coffee & Deer and Deer Season 365. We are dedicated to bringing you the latest news and information in deer hunting and management through these podcasts. 

Coffee and Deer Podcast

We’re not all habitat work all the time here at NDA. We know the importance of enjoying the fruits of your labor and that’s the primary focus of the Coffee and Deer podcast. The show is hosted by NDA President and CEO Nick Pinizzotto and his long-time hunting buddy and friend Mike Groman and focuses on hunting heritage and conservation policy. Nick and Mike are typically joined by expert guests — from NDA staff to outdoor writers to policymakers — to share hunting stories and discuss important conservation issues impacting deer and deer hunting. We hope you’ll join us for a fun and informative discussion over coffee about all things deer.

Deer Season 365 Podcast

For the serious deer hunter, deer season never ends. That's why NDA's Deer Season 365 podcast covers every aspect of deer hunting and deer management— from hunting strategy to deer biology and behavior to habitat improvement and more! Join us every-other-week as we talk with deer and habitat experts from all walks of life to bring you the latest in deer hunting and deer management information.

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Which Weather Factors Influence Deer Movement With Dr. Duane Diefenbach

Nov 29, 2023 NDA Staff

In this week’s episode of the Deer Season 365 podcast, we’re talking with Dr. Duane Diefenbach of Penn State University’s Deer-Forest Study about the impact of various weather factors on deer movement. We dive into…

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College Football’s National Champions Are Winning in the Outdoors Too With Georgia Bulldog Cade Brock

Nov 22, 2023 NDA Staff

As if the time involved in being successful in the classroom and performing at the highest level of college football isn’t demanding enough, Cade Brock and a few of his teammates are making a difference…

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The Science Behind the Whitetail Rut and Rut-Hunting Strategy With Kip Adams

Nov 15, 2023 NDA Staff

This week’s Deer Season 365 episode is all about the whitetail rut. We’re talking with NDA’s Chief Conservation Officer and wildlife biologist, Kip Adams, about the science behind the rut along with his personal rut-hunting…

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Very Special Missouri Field to Fork Events for Senior Citizens

Nov 8, 2023 NDA Staff

The National Deer Association recently teamed up with Baptist Homes & Healthcare Ministries to put on some very special Field to Fork programs for the senior residents of the Baptist Home of Arcadia Valley in…

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Acorn Production Among Different Oak Species and How It Impacts Deer Behavior

Nov 1, 2023 NDA Staff

In this episode of the Deer Season 365 podcast, we’re talking with University of Florida graduate student Kelsy Demeny about her research on acorn production and how it impacts deer behavior. Kelsey discusses the oak…

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Rut Hunting Tactics With Josh Honeycutt

Oct 25, 2023 NDA Staff

It’s that magical time of year in the deer woods; the rut! For most hunters, this is the time of year that the day-to-day gets set aside for some time on the stand so in…

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Unlocking the Mysteries of Whitetail Scrapes With Miranda Huang

Oct 18, 2023 NDA Staff

In this episode of the Deer Season 365 podcast, we talk with Miranda Huang, a research associate with Mississippi State University, all about whitetail scrapes. Miranda studied scrapes on a 10,000-acre property in Tennessee and…

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What You Should Be Doing Right Now to Punch Your Deer Tags

Oct 11, 2023 NDA Staff

After the excitement from the first few days of deer season wears off, many hunters get frustrated during the early part of the pre-rut for a number of reasons, ranging from lack of deer sightings…

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