Rut Hunting Strategies and Debunking Common Rut Myths With NDA’s Kip Adams

November 2, 2022 By: Brian Grossman

There’s a reason this time of year is often referred to as the Super Bowl of whitetail hunting. It’s the rut and NDA’s Chief Conservation Officer, Kip Adams, joins Nick and The Doctor to talk about their favorite rut-hunting strategies while also debunking the many myths surrounding the rut. While much of the whitetail world still remains a mystery, there’s some great research available to deer hunting enthusiasts that can help increase your odds of punching a tag this fall. This episode is hitting at the perfect time to prep you for an exciting couple of weeks ahead.

This is also an Ask NDA Anything episode and the guys answer questions about using decoys and what their favorite snack while deer hunting is. In this week’s B-Team report, Nick almost does a faceplant and The Doctor reminds us why home improvement projects are often better left to professionals. Remember to please send us your hunting photos as well as your B-Team stories and Ask NDA Anything questions. You can send them to

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