Online Modules Online learning of individual topics

Welcome to NDA’s series of Deer Steward Online Modules.  Through this platform, NDA offers multiple online modules covering topics ranging from antlers and aging deer to buck movement patterns, food plots, the whitetail rut, and more. 

Program Overview

The Deer Steward Online Modules allow you to dive into one particular topic that makes up part of an “umbrella” QDM plan, such as habitat management, deer biology, herd health and much more!

The six online modules are derived directly from our Deer Steward 1 course, allowing you to fully customize your learning experience in a way that fits your precise needs or interests. To register for Deer Steward 1 in its entirety, click here.

History, Biology, and Ecology – 5 topics, 3.5 hours - $60.00

Topics include the history of deer management, deer biology and behavior, movements and home range use, senses and communication, and antler growth, deformities and genetics.

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Herd Management – 4 topics, 3 hours and 15 minutes - $55.00

One of the four cornerstones of QDM, the herd management module covers doe and buck management, nutrition and food habits of deer, and predators.

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Habitat Management – 5 topics, 4 hours and 45 minutes - $85.00

Learn how to manage various deer habitats including forests, fields, food plots, and how to use prescribed fire.

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Herd Monitoring – 2 topics, 1.5 hours - $25.00

A crucial component of QDM, the herd monitoring module will teach you how to estimate the deer population using surveys and how to collect and interpret data from deer you harvest.

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Herd Health – 2 topics, 1 hour - $15.00

This brief module provides you an in depth look at deer diseases, their implications to hunters, parasites, and other health concerns of deer.

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Hunter Management – 2 topics, 1 hour - $17.50

The hunter management module will teach you deer anatomy and where to aim your shot, how to keep hunters and happy and limit hunting pressure throughout the season.

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